About Me

Hi, I'm Gretel!

My love of travelling has taken me all over the world, but I always love coming back home to Marbella. I have seen my fair share of hotels and Airbnb houses on my travels. As a host, I can’t wait to show fellow travelers the same great hospitality that I have had across the globe. My portfolio includes hand selected properties which make ideal holiday homes in Marbella and surrounding area, some of which I own and others that I manage, but all that I show equal care and detail to the attention.

Besides being avid luxury lifestyle-hospitality addict and marketer, I am also an investor and a believer in real estate which makes up a big majority of my investment portfolio. Together with my associates I have been investing in Costa del Sol real estate market since 2016. Besides owning and operating several investment properties I also have an abundance of experience in seeking out properties with hidden opportunities and unlocking their true potential. I appreciate and understand the meaning of adding value to a property weather in from of renovation or legalization or sometimes even simply with great staging and marketing.

Aside from my day job in hospitality branding and marketing, I am passionate about financial education and the journey to financial freedom, and I love keeping up to date with local market trends and shifts. I love crunching numbers on excel, calculating ROI and finding ways to both optimize and maximize the rental yields or capital gains.

Although the real-estate market has been very favourable to the buyers and investors until recent years, I am also a great believer in identifying new opportunities during challenging times, it is just a matter of recognizing them.

I understand how owning a property in Costa del Sol can be lucrative for several reasons. You can find some interesting data and analytics but also guides and articles under resources tab on my website that will tell you more about the insights of investing in Marbella, Costa del Sol. I try to update that section regularly with personal observations and comments added to each article.

I have been lucky enough to meet so many likeminded people and have now developed a large international and professional network of contacts on the coast from builders, developers, real estate agents to lawyers, tax advisors and much more.

I have been sharing my knowledge and journey to financial freedom also on several podcasts and blogs, you can find the links to the episodes and coverage under resources tab.

Weather you are thinking of investing in Costa del Sol, looking for advice, consultation, collaboration on project or simply exchange on opportunities, ideas then feel free to get in touch!