The best stops on a Costa del Sol road trip in Autumn

The 161 km long coastline of Costa del Sol or the Sunshine Coast is an inviting holiday destination at any time of the year. But come autumn and the low 20-degree temperatures make it a destination that is not just about the sun, sand and sangria.

The fall days bring with them every opportunity to explore Costa del Sol’s hidden gems, immerse in local food and trends, and dive into some secret yet enchanting coves on the coastline. Plus, affordability and the lack of mass tourism during the months of October-November just make it easier to enjoy some of the top things to do in Costa del Sol.

So be it a week-long trip or longer, these must-visit stops should be checked off your Costa del Sol road trip bucket list!

First Stop: Nerja

Starting from the easternmost part of the coast, Nerja invites you to experience the varied landscapes and the true Andalusian culture that you might miss while checking off the “things to do in Costa del Sol”. From dramatic cliffs and pristine coves to UNESCO-protected Cuevas de Nerja and white-washed houses flanking cobblestone streets, the town is the ideal starting point for an authentic road trip. 

Stay amidst the old town centre of Nerja for typical Andalusian village vibes and cafes, and make sure to catch an uninterrupted view of the Mediterranean from the close by iconic Balcón de Europa! Then from Nerja, in just a 20-minute drive, you can either visit the caves or the most photographed village in Spain, Frigiliana, a beautiful pueblo blanco (white village) that will surely give you that perfect Instagram post!

If you want to start testing the Mediterranean waters from right here, then Playa de Cañuelo is a local favourite, with every beach amenity and stunning little coves. In fact, in October the eastern part of Costa del Sol offers the most swimmable water at this time of the year, so this is an excellent chance to soak up the open sea.

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